Ghetto-ist doll ever!

120th at 1st
"Mommy I want a Hannah Montana doll for Christmas!"

"Here you go Judy!"

"This is just my old doll with Hannah Montana written on the front."

Central Park Saturday 7:40pm

After Ice skating for about an hour and a half we made our way back into midtown, leaving Wollman rink behind us. Walking a little slower then prior to skating I realized a few things about Brittany's outfit. First off that she looked great, and secondly that she looked like a complete New yorker. Bravo Bostonian welcome to the dark side!
Highlight of this outfit.... Green cashmere socks!

Young love at Wollman Rink. Saturday, 7:30pm


The 1 Train....

With a Bell, “stand clear of the closing doors,” plays like a familiar song in the background of my mind. The cautious winds brush past my lips like a chill of an old secret, and I stand on familiar ground. Balancing my mind to my feet, this ride is like all the rest. Nothing new to phase my sense of urgency. Rushing just to rush. The cold melts from the knots in my back leaving tender bones. Is it possible to be so comfortable somewhere so unfamiliar, so familiar. “Please watch the space between the gap.” Joni Mitchell sings “I wish there was a river I could skate away on...” and I am skating with her, through underground tunnels, illuminating the darkness with her voice. Skating through my city faster then the speed of sound. Two stops. All of us breathing as one. Drifting as one. The most refined beauty, without even knowing its there.

Trinken Sie ein Bier mit Raffinesse....

Is that German!?

This past weekend I made my way to Long Island with my friend Marguerite to get a beer at a friend of ours family owned German bar. Meeting up with a few of our friends there, we took a seat at the bar.  I sat next to my friend Stephanie, and since the bar was not very full we decided to talk to Derek the bartender.  Stephanie and I asked Derek a large variety of questions from where are you from to what kind of women you like. The latter question definitely had the most striking answer.  "My father always said to marry a woman for her money." Well ain't that a bitch. A nice looking boy like you might of had a chance with a nice girl like me until you said something so asinine.   The worst part about it was, that I had chosen to drink water, and not buy many drinks which really made me seem poor... but lets be honest (It's hard times) 
As I thought of how un-classy he sounded I turned around to start a new conversation with David and Melinda who were enjoying a beer behind my bar stool. As I began talking to them I noticed how poised Melinda looked in her outfit. I asked her where her shirt was from, and so on.  Her response shocked me... Pac Sun!  Do you remember when Pac Sun was worn pretty exclusively by skateboarders and surfers? Not anymore! They like the rest of the world have decided to classy up their duds and make something wearable for everyone.
Anyway ... Melinda. Fabulous!

Xoxo Jords


Ya Don't Say...

Juicy Couture! Have you done something right? I think so at least. Instead of giving their 14-21 age range clientèle a towel bag to carry their mother's credit card and lip gloss in, they have finally made something a bit more sophisticated. LEATHER BAGS!
Click to see
I saw these cutesy leather bags as I passed a boutique somewhere in Brooklyn. Praise the lord there is no way to possibly clean up a spilled Kool-Aide with these bags.

XoXooo Jords



a little thanks every now and then is always great... right?
Or is it wrong for me to be looking for praise?
"Thanks for giving me Life" I said....
thanks for keeping this jungle alive so every few days I realize that I am blessed.
Thank you.
Not for turkey, liquor, pie, or stuffing.
Thanks for giving me 10 fingers and toes,
and a leg thats not broken.
Thanks for keeping me sane,
and saying you love me.
For the ones that matter, and the ones that dont.
I am thankful for this world, living in hope.
Rise to the occasion and clink a glass.
Thanks for the comfort and forgetting the past.
I hope this is read, and understood fully, and the capacity of mind can be broadened with words.
thank you for education and bullies and nerds.
Thank you for shaping my everyday life.
Thanks to the world.
Without you I'd have no spark
and my whole world would stay completely in the dark.


Tis the season... to go to Saks.

So this week, one of my very good friends came to see me after a long backpacking trip in Central America.  Instead of having a four hour lay over she took one whole day, and we went out to see the Christmas excitement. (which to me the Christmas/Holiday season doesn't start until I clean my last piece of turkey off of my plate at Thanksgiving.) Regardless, there were a few things to see, and I; being myself forced her to walk every floor of Saks fifth avenue with me. Disappointed that the window displays do not open until November 22nd I kept walking to through the double doors, into the first floor; Makeup, cologne, perfume, handbag heaven. Immediately I needed to take the elevator to floor 8...THE SHOE PARADISE. Immediately as the doors opened I could feel the water dripping in my mouth. (gross? not really) I turned to my left, not knowing that what i would see next would make my heart melt, freeze, and then turn into dust.... 

Look at them!
This is now a formal letter to a Mr. Christian Louboutin....

Good Day,
How is it possible to constantly be making shoes that complete my life? Are you reading my mind? How else would it be possible for a person to know that I love a mixture of both masculine and feminine in all of clothing. How do you make it so, that your shoes are classy and sassy?  Thank you for bringing these wonderful shoes into the world, and simultaneously making the world a better place.
xOxOo Jords


Tacky things expensive rings.

I would like to start this next piece with a little back story.

Attending high school in Westchester county was both a privilege and a bit of a curse. Being 1 of 10(at most) mixed, black, or ethnic peoples in my graduating class can give you an idea of how it was for me; a black, Cuban, Puertorican, overweight Morena who's parents were both from New York City and were neither rich nor poor. I always had what I needed, but I could always sense my life was very different from other girls in school instead of Juicy Couture sweat suits and Uggs and a new car I had Levi's and chucks and road the late bus home. I always had friends, and participated in school clubs and activities, but instead of a rager on a Friday night I was chilling out with friends listening to Joni Mitchell, and hiking.(Sound like a bit of a hippie) But this wedge between me and the other girls in school grew to hatred... Hatred of Juicy Couture, rainbow Dooney and Bourke bags, Von Dutch hats, Ugg boots, the color hot pink, Head to toe True Religion matching outfits, razor cellphones with pink covers, "the Albanian poof"(Snooki it was done way before you), photo-shopped pictures with kisses on them, Wedged flip flops, hanging out at the gas station and matching monogrammed ANYTHING.

The Juicy Couture Sweat suit-
Have you ever seen a sausage being made at a sausage factory? I have, walking down the hallway to 3rd period junior year. It is never cute to be wearing a head to toe sweat suit with UGG boots an Albanian "Snooki" poof, a Tiffany's bean necklace and silver ear to neck width hoop earrings. EVER.
OH! and I spilled some juice while writing this I think I will use my towel sweat suit to clean it.

Dooney and Bourke- around 9th grade that multi-colored bag with little D&B's all over it came out. I have no idea what else Dooney and Bourke has ever made prior too or after that, but I know that whatever they call that rainbow monstrosity is just not OK.

Von Dutch Hats- Happy this era is over. I had one, quickly realized that it was a mistake.

If I see you in a wedged foam flip flop I will trip you and you may break your ankle. You are warned. This warning also goes out to platform sneakers.

Well I don't want to rant too much, so you have been told, warned and please never hang out at a gas station or an A&P parking lot.. It just really isn't a good look.

Watched this movie yesterday.
Brigitte Bardot's most famous film....

Red Bottoms

Lady Peep Spikes 150mm

Lady Peep Spikes 150mm

I saw these on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." Khloe was rocking them, because well these shoes are made to be rocked. I fell in love. By the way if you have never been to Christian Louboutin's website you should check it out, its like a freaking magic show. No Lies. Christian Louboutin is literally doing a magic trick in flash animation. Amazing.

Nicki Minaj, Marilyn Monroe!

Nicki Minaj took to her twitter at 5:09pm yesterday to show what a crazed fan calls love....
Nicki Minaj's twitter   

Nicki's response to this serious obsession was "WHOA! Serious? xoxoxo..."  Personally if I were Nicki "butt injections" Minaj, I would not be putting any X's or O's on the end of that Woah Serious, I would be signing off twitter calling the local police station and getting a restraining order on this psycho.  Just looking at this prison style tattoo brings tears to my eyes.  Tears of sympathetic pain. I mean really man, the neck?! But this is all just part of the point I am going to make.

Recently in the past 20 years tattoos have grown to be something that was once taboo to something so popular that every 16yr old cheerleader is rocking a "tramp stamp" and rosary beads around their ankles.  Personally as a person who has a tattoo, I quite thoroughly enjoy a good tattoo, but the one thing I cannot grasp, or even begin to wrap my head around is a tattoo of a famous person's face, name, and sometimes even lyrics onto your body(even though lyrics I am generally Ok with).  ... Do you know that those things NEVER come off?!  The most frequent famous face i see is that of Marilyn Monroe; style icon, femme fatale.
Here shows Megan Fox's Marilyn tattoo

 Although this can be flattery to the ultimate, Do you think Marilyn would be pleased? Or disturbed?

My Jesus Tattoo!


I love all of the dancing in this video. Lykke Li is the ISH.

Bloody ELLE!

For about 2 weeks I have been wondering where my monthly ELLE magazine is, and finally I have given up in the search in the assumption that my subscription must be finished.(A present from my father after graduating high school)  This very sad realization of sorts brought me to what I was surfing all night on the web... newest trends, gossip, Paris Fashion Week... Basically everything my lack of ELLE had not given me in some time. Besides the fact that I would rather pick up a magazine and read it anyday the ELLE website was as cluttered and confusing as I had supposed it to be. Maybe even more so.  I found clips of Paris Fashion Week, as well as trends from popular designers, and street chic individuals.  Here are some of my favorites from ELLE's online magazine!
Photo: Courtney D'Alesio

Photo: Courtney D'Alesio

Photo: Melanie Galea

Designer Nellie Partow In a Shearing Vest(her own design) and Stella McCartney Shoes

Photo: Kelly Stuart



Audrey's Iconic style


What the Kanye?!

I am not going to lie, in 2004 when Kanye West put out his College Dropout album, I re-discovered hip-hop. Along with the Missy Elliot Under Construction album I was album to recite from beginning to end with full dialogue and vocals every word to Kanye West's first album. Personally I think Kanye has a wonderful sense of style, and ease... but like most people on this earth I find him to be a little bit of a douche. Thats besides the point because after watching Kanye's "Runaway" video off of my cousin's DVR I was able to see that he has shifted directions. He is trying to be avant garde, when the number 1 hit on the radio is a song whose chorus repeatedly says "Said I'm tryin' get your clothes of," thank you Usher Raymond for the once again wise and kind words. Like most people at first I was confused because well, I didn't expect to be watching some sort of Kanye West movie/acid trip. After i got past the naked woman with only feathers covering her crotch and the bird wings I was able to appreciate this video a little bit more. Although this is not the complete album, and some songs are altered for the video the music is pretty solid, and the cinematography on the actual film is pretty great. Hype Williams wrote the script, which isn't surprising because he makes almost every "well-made" music video out there. After watching it more then once, having a short lived debate about it with a friend where I mercilessly "hated" on every aspect of it I was able to appreciate it for what it was... a new way to listen to albums... well not new because I am pretty sure "Pink Floyd The Wall" came waaaay before Kanye and his Victoria's Secret bird model. But still, It was enjoyable and I cant wait to hear the actual album.
Kanye's Banned Album Cover

When I looked up news on Kanye's upcoming album I heard a lot of talks about collaborations with Teyana Taylor(Mtv's My super sweet 16), Nicki Minaj, Jay-z, Dwele, and Rick Ross. But if you have heard the bass pumping hit "Monster" you would know there is one more collaboration to look for.... Justin Vernon. You are probably saying WHO THE F**ck?! Justin Vernon is the lead vocals and creator of Bon Iver... one of my personal favorites, and generally very UNHip-Hop.
Anyway this mere fact makes me like Kanye and his ascots a little more. Rock on hip hop, this year in music is gonna vibe a little differently.

2:45am, Tweety Bird, and Nicki Minaj

Photo by Jords
At around 2:45am I found myself waiting approximately 24 minutes for the Uptown 1 train. Apart from the fact that for the first time in over two months the 1 train was moving steadily, I was still irked that I was going to have to wait 24 freaking minutes at 2:45am. After waiting 10 minutes and realizing that my IPod had kicked the bucket, I noticed an afro-exotic looking woman in a bright yellow coat. She was wearing a canary yellow scoop neck pea coat with black buttons, a form fitting black skirt, black opaque tights, and a pair of suede MacAlister boots. Before I could ask for a picture, she was on her way walking briskly to the other side of the subway platform.

After boarding the train, and quickly shutting my eyes... I looked up at 145th st to find a young teenage couple ca-noodling to my right. Besides the fact that her boyfriend incessantly talked about how Nicki Minaj was the greatest female star of all time, the girl actually looked chic. She was wearing a tie dyed; navy and light blue jumper, with pointed brown flats, an armful of bangles and a dark wash jean jacket accessorized with 3 Victorian style buttons on her left pocket. Too bad her boyfriend couldn't pick up on some of her fashion tips because he was lack luster in comparison. After trying to snap a pic of the adorable outfit, I ended my night with a blurry candid from a cellphone, and Niki Minaj blasting through my blackberry headphones. Sweet Dreams Travelers... hopefully tomorrow brings us good clothes, good friends, and good music.
xXXx Jords
Photo by Jords
(skip to 1:32 for actual song)


On the crosstown bus..

So recently I have seen a lot of men and women wearing these surprisingly fashionable UGG® boots. In the UGG® online catalog they are called the Butte Boot. When I found out these were UGG® boots I was shocked since like most people I find those popular UGG® boots to be hideous... Think about it, you know what I am talking about.... Commonly referred to as the  UGG® "classic short" boot. I don't think one person can say they haven't seen a 16yr old in a mini skirt wearing those hideous boots. But I digress.. About a month ago around 8pm I boarded a crosstown bus going east uptown to see my cousin when I looked up to find a 20 something Hispanic guy sitting across from me listening to his IPod. Besides the fact that he was dark and mysterious, the second thing I noticed was his "1950's high school style" sweater in navy blue with two yellow stripes on his left arm. A pair of dark wash jeans cuffed once looked fresh and clean with this ensemble. A navy blue bubble vest with yellow lining made this look more casaul, and a pair of Butte UGG® boots completed this look. Accesorized with rosary beads. This uptown cat looked Fresh.

Now when researching what type of shoes these were I was surprised to see that the picture does not do these shoes justice, but the twist on a classic boot is clearly shown while wearing them.  And to be honest, I own  UGG® boots, more then one pair even.  But  no boot that I have purchased from  UGG® Australia can compare to the boots I saw while surfing their website today... The  UGG® & Jimmy Choo line out is ..... gorgeous. Even though  UGG® australia may not know what they are doing half the time Jimmy Choo Sure as hell does. Somehow he has found a way to make this dull boring look into something appealing. See for yourself and Check it out!

"Butte" UGG® Australia
"Classic Short" UGG®Australia

"Mandah" UGG®Australia
 XxXx Jords