On the crosstown bus..

So recently I have seen a lot of men and women wearing these surprisingly fashionable UGG® boots. In the UGG® online catalog they are called the Butte Boot. When I found out these were UGG® boots I was shocked since like most people I find those popular UGG® boots to be hideous... Think about it, you know what I am talking about.... Commonly referred to as the  UGG® "classic short" boot. I don't think one person can say they haven't seen a 16yr old in a mini skirt wearing those hideous boots. But I digress.. About a month ago around 8pm I boarded a crosstown bus going east uptown to see my cousin when I looked up to find a 20 something Hispanic guy sitting across from me listening to his IPod. Besides the fact that he was dark and mysterious, the second thing I noticed was his "1950's high school style" sweater in navy blue with two yellow stripes on his left arm. A pair of dark wash jeans cuffed once looked fresh and clean with this ensemble. A navy blue bubble vest with yellow lining made this look more casaul, and a pair of Butte UGG® boots completed this look. Accesorized with rosary beads. This uptown cat looked Fresh.

Now when researching what type of shoes these were I was surprised to see that the picture does not do these shoes justice, but the twist on a classic boot is clearly shown while wearing them.  And to be honest, I own  UGG® boots, more then one pair even.  But  no boot that I have purchased from  UGG® Australia can compare to the boots I saw while surfing their website today... The  UGG® & Jimmy Choo line out is ..... gorgeous. Even though  UGG® australia may not know what they are doing half the time Jimmy Choo Sure as hell does. Somehow he has found a way to make this dull boring look into something appealing. See for yourself and Check it out!

"Butte" UGG® Australia
"Classic Short" UGG®Australia

"Mandah" UGG®Australia
 XxXx Jords

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