Tis the season... to go to Saks.

So this week, one of my very good friends came to see me after a long backpacking trip in Central America.  Instead of having a four hour lay over she took one whole day, and we went out to see the Christmas excitement. (which to me the Christmas/Holiday season doesn't start until I clean my last piece of turkey off of my plate at Thanksgiving.) Regardless, there were a few things to see, and I; being myself forced her to walk every floor of Saks fifth avenue with me. Disappointed that the window displays do not open until November 22nd I kept walking to through the double doors, into the first floor; Makeup, cologne, perfume, handbag heaven. Immediately I needed to take the elevator to floor 8...THE SHOE PARADISE. Immediately as the doors opened I could feel the water dripping in my mouth. (gross? not really) I turned to my left, not knowing that what i would see next would make my heart melt, freeze, and then turn into dust.... 

Look at them!
This is now a formal letter to a Mr. Christian Louboutin....

Good Day,
How is it possible to constantly be making shoes that complete my life? Are you reading my mind? How else would it be possible for a person to know that I love a mixture of both masculine and feminine in all of clothing. How do you make it so, that your shoes are classy and sassy?  Thank you for bringing these wonderful shoes into the world, and simultaneously making the world a better place.
xOxOo Jords

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