a little thanks every now and then is always great... right?
Or is it wrong for me to be looking for praise?
"Thanks for giving me Life" I said....
thanks for keeping this jungle alive so every few days I realize that I am blessed.
Thank you.
Not for turkey, liquor, pie, or stuffing.
Thanks for giving me 10 fingers and toes,
and a leg thats not broken.
Thanks for keeping me sane,
and saying you love me.
For the ones that matter, and the ones that dont.
I am thankful for this world, living in hope.
Rise to the occasion and clink a glass.
Thanks for the comfort and forgetting the past.
I hope this is read, and understood fully, and the capacity of mind can be broadened with words.
thank you for education and bullies and nerds.
Thank you for shaping my everyday life.
Thanks to the world.
Without you I'd have no spark
and my whole world would stay completely in the dark.

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  1. Beautifully stated, Jordan. A thank you is always well-timed. -xo