Ghetto-ist doll ever!

120th at 1st
"Mommy I want a Hannah Montana doll for Christmas!"

"Here you go Judy!"

"This is just my old doll with Hannah Montana written on the front."

Central Park Saturday 7:40pm

After Ice skating for about an hour and a half we made our way back into midtown, leaving Wollman rink behind us. Walking a little slower then prior to skating I realized a few things about Brittany's outfit. First off that she looked great, and secondly that she looked like a complete New yorker. Bravo Bostonian welcome to the dark side!
Highlight of this outfit.... Green cashmere socks!

Young love at Wollman Rink. Saturday, 7:30pm


The 1 Train....

With a Bell, “stand clear of the closing doors,” plays like a familiar song in the background of my mind. The cautious winds brush past my lips like a chill of an old secret, and I stand on familiar ground. Balancing my mind to my feet, this ride is like all the rest. Nothing new to phase my sense of urgency. Rushing just to rush. The cold melts from the knots in my back leaving tender bones. Is it possible to be so comfortable somewhere so unfamiliar, so familiar. “Please watch the space between the gap.” Joni Mitchell sings “I wish there was a river I could skate away on...” and I am skating with her, through underground tunnels, illuminating the darkness with her voice. Skating through my city faster then the speed of sound. Two stops. All of us breathing as one. Drifting as one. The most refined beauty, without even knowing its there.

Trinken Sie ein Bier mit Raffinesse....

Is that German!?

This past weekend I made my way to Long Island with my friend Marguerite to get a beer at a friend of ours family owned German bar. Meeting up with a few of our friends there, we took a seat at the bar.  I sat next to my friend Stephanie, and since the bar was not very full we decided to talk to Derek the bartender.  Stephanie and I asked Derek a large variety of questions from where are you from to what kind of women you like. The latter question definitely had the most striking answer.  "My father always said to marry a woman for her money." Well ain't that a bitch. A nice looking boy like you might of had a chance with a nice girl like me until you said something so asinine.   The worst part about it was, that I had chosen to drink water, and not buy many drinks which really made me seem poor... but lets be honest (It's hard times) 
As I thought of how un-classy he sounded I turned around to start a new conversation with David and Melinda who were enjoying a beer behind my bar stool. As I began talking to them I noticed how poised Melinda looked in her outfit. I asked her where her shirt was from, and so on.  Her response shocked me... Pac Sun!  Do you remember when Pac Sun was worn pretty exclusively by skateboarders and surfers? Not anymore! They like the rest of the world have decided to classy up their duds and make something wearable for everyone.
Anyway ... Melinda. Fabulous!

Xoxo Jords