Tacky things expensive rings.

I would like to start this next piece with a little back story.

Attending high school in Westchester county was both a privilege and a bit of a curse. Being 1 of 10(at most) mixed, black, or ethnic peoples in my graduating class can give you an idea of how it was for me; a black, Cuban, Puertorican, overweight Morena who's parents were both from New York City and were neither rich nor poor. I always had what I needed, but I could always sense my life was very different from other girls in school instead of Juicy Couture sweat suits and Uggs and a new car I had Levi's and chucks and road the late bus home. I always had friends, and participated in school clubs and activities, but instead of a rager on a Friday night I was chilling out with friends listening to Joni Mitchell, and hiking.(Sound like a bit of a hippie) But this wedge between me and the other girls in school grew to hatred... Hatred of Juicy Couture, rainbow Dooney and Bourke bags, Von Dutch hats, Ugg boots, the color hot pink, Head to toe True Religion matching outfits, razor cellphones with pink covers, "the Albanian poof"(Snooki it was done way before you), photo-shopped pictures with kisses on them, Wedged flip flops, hanging out at the gas station and matching monogrammed ANYTHING.

The Juicy Couture Sweat suit-
Have you ever seen a sausage being made at a sausage factory? I have, walking down the hallway to 3rd period junior year. It is never cute to be wearing a head to toe sweat suit with UGG boots an Albanian "Snooki" poof, a Tiffany's bean necklace and silver ear to neck width hoop earrings. EVER.
OH! and I spilled some juice while writing this I think I will use my towel sweat suit to clean it.

Dooney and Bourke- around 9th grade that multi-colored bag with little D&B's all over it came out. I have no idea what else Dooney and Bourke has ever made prior too or after that, but I know that whatever they call that rainbow monstrosity is just not OK.

Von Dutch Hats- Happy this era is over. I had one, quickly realized that it was a mistake.

If I see you in a wedged foam flip flop I will trip you and you may break your ankle. You are warned. This warning also goes out to platform sneakers.

Well I don't want to rant too much, so you have been told, warned and please never hang out at a gas station or an A&P parking lot.. It just really isn't a good look.

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