Nicki Minaj, Marilyn Monroe!

Nicki Minaj took to her twitter at 5:09pm yesterday to show what a crazed fan calls love....
Nicki Minaj's twitter   

Nicki's response to this serious obsession was "WHOA! Serious? xoxoxo..."  Personally if I were Nicki "butt injections" Minaj, I would not be putting any X's or O's on the end of that Woah Serious, I would be signing off twitter calling the local police station and getting a restraining order on this psycho.  Just looking at this prison style tattoo brings tears to my eyes.  Tears of sympathetic pain. I mean really man, the neck?! But this is all just part of the point I am going to make.

Recently in the past 20 years tattoos have grown to be something that was once taboo to something so popular that every 16yr old cheerleader is rocking a "tramp stamp" and rosary beads around their ankles.  Personally as a person who has a tattoo, I quite thoroughly enjoy a good tattoo, but the one thing I cannot grasp, or even begin to wrap my head around is a tattoo of a famous person's face, name, and sometimes even lyrics onto your body(even though lyrics I am generally Ok with).  ... Do you know that those things NEVER come off?!  The most frequent famous face i see is that of Marilyn Monroe; style icon, femme fatale.
Here shows Megan Fox's Marilyn tattoo

 Although this can be flattery to the ultimate, Do you think Marilyn would be pleased? Or disturbed?

My Jesus Tattoo!

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