2:45am, Tweety Bird, and Nicki Minaj

Photo by Jords
At around 2:45am I found myself waiting approximately 24 minutes for the Uptown 1 train. Apart from the fact that for the first time in over two months the 1 train was moving steadily, I was still irked that I was going to have to wait 24 freaking minutes at 2:45am. After waiting 10 minutes and realizing that my IPod had kicked the bucket, I noticed an afro-exotic looking woman in a bright yellow coat. She was wearing a canary yellow scoop neck pea coat with black buttons, a form fitting black skirt, black opaque tights, and a pair of suede MacAlister boots. Before I could ask for a picture, she was on her way walking briskly to the other side of the subway platform.

After boarding the train, and quickly shutting my eyes... I looked up at 145th st to find a young teenage couple ca-noodling to my right. Besides the fact that her boyfriend incessantly talked about how Nicki Minaj was the greatest female star of all time, the girl actually looked chic. She was wearing a tie dyed; navy and light blue jumper, with pointed brown flats, an armful of bangles and a dark wash jean jacket accessorized with 3 Victorian style buttons on her left pocket. Too bad her boyfriend couldn't pick up on some of her fashion tips because he was lack luster in comparison. After trying to snap a pic of the adorable outfit, I ended my night with a blurry candid from a cellphone, and Niki Minaj blasting through my blackberry headphones. Sweet Dreams Travelers... hopefully tomorrow brings us good clothes, good friends, and good music.
xXXx Jords
Photo by Jords
(skip to 1:32 for actual song)

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