What the Kanye?!

I am not going to lie, in 2004 when Kanye West put out his College Dropout album, I re-discovered hip-hop. Along with the Missy Elliot Under Construction album I was album to recite from beginning to end with full dialogue and vocals every word to Kanye West's first album. Personally I think Kanye has a wonderful sense of style, and ease... but like most people on this earth I find him to be a little bit of a douche. Thats besides the point because after watching Kanye's "Runaway" video off of my cousin's DVR I was able to see that he has shifted directions. He is trying to be avant garde, when the number 1 hit on the radio is a song whose chorus repeatedly says "Said I'm tryin' get your clothes of," thank you Usher Raymond for the once again wise and kind words. Like most people at first I was confused because well, I didn't expect to be watching some sort of Kanye West movie/acid trip. After i got past the naked woman with only feathers covering her crotch and the bird wings I was able to appreciate this video a little bit more. Although this is not the complete album, and some songs are altered for the video the music is pretty solid, and the cinematography on the actual film is pretty great. Hype Williams wrote the script, which isn't surprising because he makes almost every "well-made" music video out there. After watching it more then once, having a short lived debate about it with a friend where I mercilessly "hated" on every aspect of it I was able to appreciate it for what it was... a new way to listen to albums... well not new because I am pretty sure "Pink Floyd The Wall" came waaaay before Kanye and his Victoria's Secret bird model. But still, It was enjoyable and I cant wait to hear the actual album.
Kanye's Banned Album Cover

When I looked up news on Kanye's upcoming album I heard a lot of talks about collaborations with Teyana Taylor(Mtv's My super sweet 16), Nicki Minaj, Jay-z, Dwele, and Rick Ross. But if you have heard the bass pumping hit "Monster" you would know there is one more collaboration to look for.... Justin Vernon. You are probably saying WHO THE F**ck?! Justin Vernon is the lead vocals and creator of Bon Iver... one of my personal favorites, and generally very UNHip-Hop.
Anyway this mere fact makes me like Kanye and his ascots a little more. Rock on hip hop, this year in music is gonna vibe a little differently.

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